Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Shopping carts are evil

Colds suck. I can't sugar coat it, they just do. Especially the kind that just won't go away. I'm in the midst of my 'lets just stay sick the whole winter phase'. I usually have a couple of weeks between a cold or flu bug before some mutant variation strikes again. I need to start carrying around hand cleaner in a little holster so it will be 'handy' at all times.
I blame it all on shopping carts. They are evil plague carrying devices that should not be touched. Just think about how many hands and other body parts touch a shopping cart in a day. Walk through a Walmart and observe the life of a shopping cart, it makes me shudder. Too bad I need to use them every night at work.
Here's a good product plug:

If it is possible to love an inanimate object this would be the 'one' for me this week. Every time I blow my nose it's like getting slathered with Vicks by my mom when I was sick as a young un. So if shopping carts are evil then Vicks Puffs are really, really GOOD! Whoever invented this should be hugged, but they wouldn't like that as I'm a little viral right now.

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