Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The blonde and the bookstore

I LOVE bookstores. Case in point......took a few minutes to visit our local bookstore, didn't want or need to buy anything, just wanted to go in and smell the books. That's right, just smell the books. It relaxes me, brings a little bit of peace into my chaotic heart. I'm easy to entertain just let me loose in Barnes and Noble for a couple of hours I'll walk out with the kind of relaxed look that many have to smoke something illegal to get. I not only enjoy inhaling new book smell but also to touch them. Not too long ago I checked a book out at the library that had never been checked out before. I was the first one to read the words in that particular book, to stretch the spine correctly so the pages will never fall out, the first one to become immersed in the characters the author brang to life for me. Mine was the first date due back stamped on the little sheet adhered inside the cover. I mentioned to the librarian my excitement at being the 'first' and she said she gets the same feeling. Only one that loves to read can share that excitement. There is something magical about getting lost in the characters of a well written book. I love finding the newest book written by one of my favorite authors on the shelf when I walk into a book store, I know that I will have hours of enjoyment escaping into another world. So today I walked into The Book Clinic, touched a few books, inhaled the scent of said books, talked to my friend behind the counter and walked out the door feeling just a little better for that fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes well spent.
We had our fourth annual Garden Railroad get together this past weekend. I'll write about that at another time. I'm still enjoying my bookstore high.

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michelle said...

BRANG?!? Aren't you a teacher???

Oh, well, I loved hearing that there's another crazy out there that just has few greater joys than a new book. Even if you can't keep it; a new book. I got excited once pulling one out for the kids that we would be the first ones to read it. Same look from the librarian. She even asked for a review from them. Let's hope this feeling is hereditary!!