Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I've lost them ALLLLL!!!

For some reason every once-in-while I loose all my bookmarks. Now at first glance that may seem like a bad thing, I'll admit it I usually think some very unladylike words when it happens (I would never say them out loud, of course). But after it happened this weekend and I gave up trying retreiving them I decided that maybe it was a good thing. I'm forced to find new places on the internet. I have to really think about where I want to travel through cyberspace. The bookmark category that was hardest to loose though were my favorite blogs. I enjoy visiting those people every day. Those both famous and obscure. But I was forced to face the fact that I didn't know who some of them were, what their names were, or where I found their blog. I've lost them, maybe forever.
Who was the woman that ended every blog with a PBQOTD(Princess Bride Quote of the Day)?
Who was the scrapping homeshcooling mom that also loved science fiction?
Who was the lady that altered anything and everything? I loved her!!!
I didn't add them to my list of people on my blog, will I ever find them again?
I did remember how to find the musings of my favorite bistro waiter.
But.................here's the famous but, I'm now broadening my horizons, I really enjoyed the new blog written by the bouncer in DC, and the waitress in NYC. I am inspired by the scrapper with biting wit and beautiful sketches.
So I'm trying to be philisoph......trying to think deeply (it's late and I'm too lazy to do spell check). Sometimes you have to loose something to gain something else. Right????? I also think I'll start backing up my favorite places to visit because no matter how I try to convince myself it's a good thing, I will miss those people and places and hope I find them again.


Reenie said...

Hey, Carrie! Kim Komando can tell you how to backup your Favorites or Bookmarks. Go here http://www.komando.com/tips/index.aspx?id=1722

michelle said...

Ok, since you're too busy to post, I've been archive diving... you really have a good life, ya know? I can't wait to get into the new house and just enjoy my life. And I know it starts in the now... and I do love my life, it's just that it seems in limbo right now.
Morgan just chased Mallory out of the tub and lost his chance to get in, so now he's trying to beat the door down. Mom says when Mallory gets her new room she won't come out for a whole week. Michael says two!!
Ok, now I need to hear more from you!